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A little back story on Kim and Zoe and how Dr Roebuck's came to life

Our story started by the waves of Bondi Beach. Then came dry, sensitive skin, and eczema. We stopped feeling fresh and active, so our Mum and Dad, both doctors, formulated a unique product where instead of adding ingredients, they removed them. It worked. Our skin cleared and our confidence returned.

We learned our parent’s process, tested and trialed with real girls, and created a range of clean skincare products. With the quality ingredients your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. No fillers, synthetic chemicals, or unnecessary scientific names; just pure, active ingredients.

 After 30 years of getting it right, we’re still testing, trialing, and creating, as we learn from every sensitive face and strong beaut we meet.

What inspired you to start your own business / a skincare line ?

Kim: Zoe and I wanted to work together, but we are also very proud of Australia and the way we live so we wanted to give everyone a little piece of Australian.  Clean, fun, active and happy to your life no matter where you are.

Zoe: We realised there was something special when people could not get enough of Dad’s (aka Dr Roebuck) cream so we put our combined skill sets together to create something special but with the essence and inspiration of Australia.


What do you hope people take away from your brand ?

Kim: Being Clean can be fun and beautiful. Being clean is finding the right balance of living life and keeping clean. We want people to feel clean, healthy and in control through using our brand.

Zoe: That clean ingredients can be effective when used in the right way. If you live clean and use clean products you can age gracefully and have beautiful natural skin at any age.


What is the first thing you do when you wake up ?

Kim: 630am green juice and an egg

Zoe: 7am green and red grapefruit juice and a strong coffee

What’s your typical skin care routine (morning, evening and throughout the day) ?

Kim: Wake up: Cleanse, Tone, B+T Serum, Face, followed by sunscreen.
Daytime: Mist
Night: PolishTone, Hydrate or RA Serum, Face

Zoe: Wakeup: Tone, Boost and Tighten (Or Protect and Prevent if I am in a polluted city), Face and Eye followed by SPF 50.
Daytime: Mist and sometimes another B&T layer if I feel like an extra boost.
Night time - Cleanse, Polish followed by RA serum and Face


What’s the most important element of a good skin care regimen ?

Kim and Zoe: Cleansing the skin, minimal make-up, exercise, vitamins and lots of water.


Do you have a daily or weekly ritual, habits or activity that keeps you centered and healthy ?

Kim and Zoe: A green juice a day, an exercise regime that means a daily sweat, and yoga 2/3 a week.  This is to encapsulate mind, body and soul. The daily sweat clears the mind and detoxifies the skin.


What do you eat or drink for maximum glow ?

Kim and Zoe: We focus on raw and minimally processed foods. We ensure we eat as a minimum ten types of organic/un cooked vegetables a day along with the green juice with no sugar (Kale, chia seeds, Lemon, cucumber, ginger, turmeric). This helps detoxify and promote skin health.


Why do you believe in minimum ingredients ? What does that mean ?

Kim: Ensuring we have everything in our lives that we need and nothing that you don’t.  Whether that’s food, mind, or skin care. But minimal doesn’t mean not active. I ensure all my food has multi purpose, just like our products. So although we cut out the unnecessary, we focus on what’s in it, not what’s not in it.  We pile all our creams with multiple actives to ensure you are giving your skin everything that it needs, like a green juice for your skin.

Zoe: Minimal ingredients means fresh, clean ingredients straight from the source. Think farm to plate for food and you can think the same way with your skin care and it’s ingredients. This way the ingredients are not processed, are more potent and are better for you.

What are your go-to make-up products ?

Kim: A clean brand call Baiela from Australia - a tinted sunscreen BB cream and a lip balm that’s all I use

Zoe: I use a great bronzer powder from Baiela, a Dior Mascara and sometimes a very light pink Chanel lip gloss


What are your secret beauty must-have, can’t live without products (can be anything - food, beauty, supplements whatever)?

Kim: My Bespoke serum made by Zoe for me, Face, Kale (no joke), a green juice, turmeric and ginger shots, eggs for protein, Berocca Vitamins (you can only get them in Australia!).

Zoe: Boost and Tighten and Face - I literally get upset when I run out. Green Juice, Berocca, lots of garlic in cooking and Baiela bronzer if I need a glow.

Quote of the week/ Favourite Quote/Statement you live by:

Kim: Pick your partner before your path

Zoe: There are four things that you cannot recover in life:

The Stone after it’s thrown,
The Word after it’s said,

The Occasion after it’s missed,

And the Time after it’s gone….

So live life to the fullest and regret nothing


Song you have on repeat at the moment:

Kim: Miten & Deva Premal - So Much Magnificence

Zoe: Sky and Sand Cover (Christian W. & Lars E Edit)


Medical/bullshit meter:

Kim: When you see Gluten-Free: it usually means a chemical s&*t storm- always check ingredients

Zoe: When trials are conducted on “9 people in far off countries” with no control arms and incentives given. This is not a trial and not real results.

What are you making in the kitch tonight ?

Kim: My favorite summer salad

Zoe: Oven Baked John Dory with crushed garlic, lime, fresh chilli and olive oil with fresh green salad topped with Pepita Seeds


Favorite workout tips:

Kim: Mix weight training with Power/Hot Yoga as this strengthens + lengthens the muscles while also detoxifying. If you aim for 3 strengthen and 2 yogas, watch the lean not bulky muscles build !!

Zoe: There is a lot of data that shows a big difference in outcomes between 3 sessions and 4 sessions a week. So I always aim for 5 sessions knowing I will then at least do 4.

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